Country of Orphans

Copyright 2013

Set in Burundi, Africa, during the 1993 genocide, Country of Orphans is a Romeo-and-Juliet-style love story about a Tutsi girl and a Hutu boy, who are united – and divided – by a dark secret.

This coming-of-age story deals with the universal issues of prejudice, love, and finding one’s place in the world, in a unique setting with global ramifications.

Few people know that Burundi, the size of Maryland, has 230,000 orphans and is the 3rd poorest country on the globe. 

I have an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Stony Brook University and a BA from Duke University. 

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“Tula Holmes captures the authentic voice of the children of Burundi, and their plight in the face of the genocide of 1993. “Country of Orphans" is courageous, compelling and sensitively wrought. It should be on every high school reading list."

                    Emma Walton Hamilton, author

                    The Very Fairy Princess series, The Great American Mousical, Simeon's Gift, Dumpy- I Can Read series, Dragon, and many more...                    

"Country of Orphans is riveting - full of great detail, drama and story- just know I think it's great. "

                       Patricia McCormick, author 

                      Never Fall Down, My Brother's Keeper, Cut, Sold, Purple Heart.


" From the beginning of Country of Orphans, there is a fantastic tone; the teen voice jumps right off the page as authentic and vivid. The cast of characters are introduced early on and the pace of the plot moves quickly. Joelle’s transition from wanting more than her origins to realizing how special her true home is was placed in the unique setting of Burundi, yet told in a way that so many teens can relate to."

                     Anna Orchard, Anagram Editorial